Remote Viewing is an installation by Public Netbase t0 and invited artists.


Remote Viewing is a media project designed by artists and equipped with an Internet and data projection interface that allows intervening into the local environment of the event. Slogans, graphics and animations are displayed online as well as locally in Public Netbase's military defense installation set up in the Staatsratshof court of the Vienna Museumsquartier.

Participating artists include Tanya Bednar, Sabine Mitter/Helmut Weber, Christian Hessle, Martin Krenn/Oliver Ressler, Maschek, Bady Minck, monochrom, Max Moswitzer, Georg Udovicic, Eva Wohlgemuth and WR.

Earlier versions of Remote Viewing have been displayed internationally with considerable success, including shows at the Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, the Museum of Modern Art at Antwerp, Belgium, the Neue Galerie at Graz, Austria, the Arthouse Dublin, Ireland, the ISEA Chicago, and other venues.

2001 PUBLIC NETBASE t0 Media~Space!
REMOTE VIEWING Software coded by t.ralf, pooz, wolfie · powrd by ZOPE